Flow of Energy

Flow of Energy

Besides water and food, energy is one of our most important necessities. So it’s no surprise that the availability, cleanliness, and the Flow of Energy are some of our top concerns.

We all use energy everyday to make our lives more convenient and comfortable. To some extent we could live without it. But who would want to? So, the search for clean, easily usable energy continues. The technology for solar and wind energy has been around for some time, but in the last decade new ideas for energy production have begun to take shape. We at Flow Homes are always staying up to date on what the future could hold for The Flow of Energy.

The technology and infrastructure for solar power has come a long way in recent years. However, the problem is that it still must use batteries to store the energy. The manufacturing of the batteries continues to create a negative impact on the earth. So it is renewable but not entirely clean. Current wind energy production is a bit cleaner but requires massive structures and the perfect location. The newest ideas for harnessing wind energy are quite remarkable.

A building disrupts the natural course of the wind just by being present. The latest research involves taking the gusts of wind and turbulence that are already around the building and turning them into power. Efficient turbines that could do this already exist and the technology is being tested in different regions.

Another potential energy source is the greatest on earth…gravity. Studies are already underway testing how placing nano-quartz crystals between the foundation levels of a building gives off a large amount of energy. It’s called gravity-produced piezoelectricity and its a very exciting possibility.

These examples seem so futuristic but in reality they could be routinely applied in this lifetime. As a New Mexico Custom Home Builder we are interested in any advancements that make The Flow of Energy more efficient, renewable, and clean. Until then we will continue to build the most energy efficient homes currently possible with the available options.

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