Flow of Water

Flow of Water

As one of our most precious resources, water needs to be conserved and preserved. Our homes are uniquely designed to optimize the Flow of Water inside and out.

The abundance of water is what makes Planet Earth so special. It is the reason that life is able to sustain itself. No surprise then that our bodies mimic our environment and are also composed mostly of water. So, it makes more than perfect sense that our homes should be designed to protect the natural existence and availability of this vital element. The proper Flow of Water is one of our main priorities when it comes to designing a Flow Home. Here are some things we do to protect this valuable resource.


One of the overall biggest uses of water in the world is for washing and waste removal inside homes. The first generation of low water use toilets and appliances were not the best. Sure they used less water but their performance outcome was not always optimal. Today’s low flow units are quite different. Technological advancements make these household conveniences efficient and more than competent. All fixtures and appliances that we install are certified green and contribute to less water waste each year.


Living and building in a desert environment like the Albuquerque area requires some special considerations. The precious little rainfall that we get in this arid climate needs to be captured and used wisely. Every aspect of our outdoor designs keep the Flow of Water in mind. The gutters are positioned to water the strategically placed landscaping. And the surrounding property is graded to utilize the every raindrop that falls.

The Flow of Water could possibly be the most important element of home construction. And we at Flow Homes take it very seriously. We understand how essential it is that water, whether from the sky or the ground, is used in the best way possible.

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