At Flow Homes were are a unique custom home builder in the fact that we don’t charge extra for upgraded features.  Flow Home features are standard in every home. Enjoy upgrades that you don’t have to pay extra for at Flow Homes in Albuquerque and surrounding areas we have our customer’s best interest in mind.

Custom Tile Work for Home

Every home built by Flow Homes features tile flooring in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entryway. To compliment and contrast the granite counter tops, the kitchen and bathroom counter backsplashes are also tiled. The tile backsplashes cover from counter top to the bottom of the upper cabinet in the kitchen. Tile is the preferred and best type of flooring for the wet areas in a home. Every shower and bathtub include stunning two tone tile work.

Wooden Cabinetry Our homes feature beautiful wooden cabinetry. We use Rustic Tuscany or Mocha Coffee stain on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


Granite counter tops make a sophisticated kitchen for more enjoyable cooking and entertaining. Every home built by Flow Homes features granite counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. The granite counter tops are distinguished with custom tile backsplashes


Upgraded faucet fixtures

At Flow Homes we don’t skimp when it comes to your faucet fixtures.  We install the an upgraded version throughout the home, from the kitchen sink to the shower faucets.  We believe that a faucet should be a head-turning centerpiece for your kitchen that combines the latest innovation with lasting sophistication.


Custom Paint Finishes at Flow Homes

Every home built by Flow Homes comes with decorative wall finishes. Two walls of your living room with stand out with these custom wall finishes. The decorative custom wall finish is achieved with Variance OmniCoat. OmniCoat gives the wall a stunning smooth texture with some color variation. To create contrast, all of the nichos throughout your home are finished with the same custom wall finish.

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