Choosing Effective Home Builder

Choosing effective home builder it is critical to be an effective problem solver. Rarely will a custom home be built without the builder encountering multiple obstacles along the way. Overcoming these unexpected challenges in an effective, efficient and positive way is paramount to an enjoyable building experience.

choosing an effective home builderOn this particular project we are building a gorgeous, single story home with a footprint just under 5,000sq ft. The original plan called for the home to be built with a  “monolithic slab on grade”. The lot features a 9 foot change in elevation from the north side to the south side. When we tried to level the house pad we discovered solid limestone bedrock just beneath the surface of the ground spanning the entire home.

We had three options: 1) break through solid and stable bedrock to level the lot 2) import thousands of TONS of engineered fill 3) change the foundation plan to create a crawl space and build the home on stem walls.

Flow Homes, we chose #3. The result is the same spectacular floor plan only now it will feature an incredibly large and convenient storage space beneath the home. The home owners are more excited about the new plan than they were about the original. Converting challenges into celebrations is one of the most rewarding opportunities in home building.

Flow Homes, custom home builder in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho will keep you posted throughout construction. The next couple months is going to be a very exciting!

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