Albuquerque Custom Homes

New Mexico Custom Dream Home

At Flow Homes, quality is at the center of the home building process. Designing Albuquerque Custom Homes can be stressful & exciting, Flow Homes will work carefully with you from the first concept drawing until we hand you the keys to ensure your utmost satisfaction and comfort. We will communicate with you every step of the way to ensure your new home is completed on time and to your specifications.

Building Albuquerque Custom Homes: The concept behind Flow Homes in New Mexico is to develop the seven flows of customizing/building your dream home.


To improve air flow and reduce this chemical load, it is best to design buildings so that all the air is refreshed at least once an hour.


Water is a necessity of life—the most precious substance on earth, one that is not readily available to all.


Customize your home to sound waves that tend to travel in through walls, hallways, and vents.


We have already adopted solar power, but the need for batteries to store electricity when the sun isn’t shining increases its costs. The largest source of energy is the power of gravity, which could readily be used in building design.

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