Going Green Year-Round in The Land of Enchantment

Going Green Year-Round in The Land of Enchantment

Building a certified green home in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho is a smart choice all year-round. Flow Homes is pro at Going Green Year-Round in The Land of Enchantment!

Even though the bright green leaves are gone for the winter, the Albuquerque area still has the muted desert green of the yucca and piñon trees. This time of year we also see green in the wreaths and garland that adorn the homes dressed for the holidays. But going green is for far more than the region’s plant life, and it is a smart choice all year round.

Flow Homes is proud to be a Certified Green Home Builder for the Albuquerque area. We demand that each home we build meets the standards put forth by the Build Green New Mexico Program. This certification requires testing by an independent third party that rates the energy consumption of the homes we build. All of our homes must be below a specific level of power usage. Many home builders claim to be a “green builder” but unless they have an outside certification that may not be the case.

A Green Home investment can be daunting. We want to assure you that we will be your partner in the process, guiding you through each step. We also want to emphasize that your benefits will be seen each month in decreased energy costs and increased overall comfort. The cost of building a Green Home may be less than you think, and the New Mexico Sustainable Building Tax Credit can help reduce your actual cost. These are all things to consider when deciding to Go Green for your next home.

It is our hope that one day Green Home Building is the basic standard for new home construction. Until that day, we will be here, doing our best to incorporate the natural flow and well-being of our lands with the homes we build.

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