Control the Flow of Sound

Control the Flow of Sound

Using the right insulation in the right places of a home is very important to Control the Flow of Sound.

Laughter from friends and family or some good music are sounds that are definitely welcome in a home. But there are some noises that simply don’t belong. These can come from outside the home, or can be generated within the home itself. Either way, proper insulation can help alleviate unwanted sounds. Flow Homes uses the very best insulation, professionally installed, to help Control the Flow of Sound in the homes we build.

Sounds from the Outside

Traffic, barking dogs, or other people’s parties are just some of the possible noises not wanted in a home. We use the PROPink Complete Blow-In Insulation System to ensure that the exterior walls of the homes we build have a tight sound barrier. This fiberglass free, green home certified filling is blown into the spaces between the framing. The spaces are filled to a very precise pressure and level to make sure that the entire area is covered.

Sounds from the Inside

Just because certain sounds are coming from inside, doesn’t mean that you want to hear them throughout the entire home. Noise from appliances (dishwashers and washing machines) or sounds from others in the home (music or conversations) should be kept to the room they’re in. For this reason, we use extra thick insulation batts for the interior walls of the home.

This extra insulation not only helps Control the Flow of Sound but helps control the thermal barrier as well. Homes with this type of insulation can save up to 30% on their energy bills each month. That becomes the welcomed sound of extra money in your wallet!

At Flow Homes in Albuquerque we want each element of the homes we build to be secure yet beneficial. Quality insulation is just one of the ways we accomplish this.

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