Home Sweet-Smart Home

Home Sweet-Smart Home

Building a new home is the perfect time to incorporate some of the latest smart technologies. Then, there will be no place like your Home Sweet-Smart Home.

According to the Consumer Technology Association about ⅓ of homes in the U.S. use a smart device of some kind. With prices coming down and usefulness going up the number of smart homes is expected to rise considerably this year.

Technological advancements for the home are always exciting. In the past the focus was placed on entertainment (remember how cool it was when we could start pausing live TV?). But now the goal is full automation; adding convenience, security, and increased energy savings to homes. Flow Homes has some things for you to consider before you make your Home Sweet-Smart Home a reality.

Consider Your Options

The first thing to do is decide what “hub” to get. This is the main device/system that will run any other smart features you add. The three big names right now are Google, Amazon, and Apple. Research each one and their features to see if it matches what you want in your smart home. Each option has pros and cons and if possible try and test them out before you buy.

Make Your Plan

There is a growing list of things you can make “smart” in your home. Thermostats, lights, window shades, surround sound system, and security features (cameras, door locks, door bell) are just a start. Consider what is most important to you, as well as what your budget will allow, then ensure those choices will sync nicely with your hub choice. Also research what fees are involved. Of course any added feature will cost money up front, but certain ones (security cameras, for example) can sometimes require monthly or annual fees as well. Extensive research and planning is the key to a happy smart home.

A new Flow Home is wonderfully compatible with the new smart technologies. Our floorplans facilitate not only the flow of elements, but of smart features as well. Whether you’re adding one or ten smart components to your home we hope it will feel like Home Sweet-Smart Home to you.

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