Single Room Temperature Control System

Single Room Temperature Control System

Air is the most important element and the proper flow of it can be enhanced with a Single Room Temperature Control System.

Flow Homes is always working to make the design and function of our homes the best they can be. Balancing all of the elements is an essential part of this process. The harmonious integration and natural flow of air, light, water, energy, sound, matter and occupants is our main goal. But there is a reason that air is listed first – it is our most important element. And we want to be sure that in any home we build, the air flows beautifully.

One way to keep the flow of air in a home consistent and comfortable is with a Single Room Temperature Control System. These ductless heating/cooling systems are an excellent option to properly disperse the air around the home. They have a central compressor outside that is connected through small tubes to the LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner that are discreetly placed in the ceiling or wall. The cassette is then controlled with a remote thermostat. Each room in the home can have its own cassette and the temperature can be set to whatever is comfortable for the homeowner.

We love the option of a Single Room Temperature Control System because not only does it make air flow more efficient, it adds to the positive flow of the other elements as well. The newer technology of these units, combined with the streamlined design makes it nearly silent. So it does not affect the flow of sound. And because it is such a closed system (no large ducts leaking air) the energy flow of the unit is optimal. They can also come as a “picture frame” to display art, adding to the aesthetics of a home.

Building a new home is the perfect time to consider the Single Room Temperature Control System.

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